tsc jake cassie zylka robertson 'The Secret Circle': Chris Zylka joins the Circle full time    plus, scoop on his big returnFantastic news, Secret Circle fans! Chris Zylka is packing his deep v-neck t-shirts and heading to Vancouver for the long-term. Zylka, who guest-starred in the first half of the season as super-sexy, very tall, very blond witch-turned-witch-hunter Jake Armstrong, will be sticking around. Forever.

Or, you know, at least for a few seasons.

“We’re absolutely not letting him leave,” executive producer Andrew Miller tells Zap2it. “He and his deep-Vs will be looming around Chance Harbor when we return.”

As first reported by EW, Zylka has been promoted to a series regular and will be returning to the series early in 2012. When we last saw him, Jake was leaving Chance Harbor with his fellow witch hunters after having uncovered Cassie’s (Britt Robertson) dark-magic roots. “We pick up right where we left off,” Miller says of the mid-season premiere. “Very little time has passed, and we’re going to see a ton of fall-out emotionally.”

Cassie will quickly begin to explore her ancestry and the dark magic within her. In her quest for answers, she’ll uncover something that only Jake can help her with, prompting his return to town. When Jake comes back, we’ll see Adam (Thomas Dekker) finally forced to reconcile his feelings for Cassie and their whole “written in the stars” relationship.

“Cassie and Adam’s connection we knew was strong, from the pilot,” Miller says. “Cassie and Jake and their connection was a very pleasant surprise. As Jake came in, our season started to shift in a very positive direction. Jake’s relationship with Cassie and his ability to draw out her darkness took things in a new direction.”

We’re guessing that when Jake returns, he’ll be hoping for forgiveness for the whole I-tried-to-murder-you-and-all-your-friends thing.

Stay tuned to Zap2it for much more “Secret Circle” scoop over the next few weeks, including more on the Adam vs. Jake situation, flashbacks, and yes — “Fayana.”

“The Secret Circle” returns January 5, 2012 at 9 p.m. EST.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie