secret circle cassie adam hug 'The Secret Circle' exclusive: Cassie and Adam clash over John BlackwellIn last week’s “Secret Circle” Valentine’s Day episode, Cassie (Britt Robertson) and Adam (Thomas Dekker) finally shared the romantic moment he’s been angling at for weeks. Given her tendencies to act independently of the Circle, though, is it any wonder that there’s already a little tension in their brand-new relationship?

This Thursday’s episode marks the return of John Blackwell (Joe Lando), Cassie’s missing-in-action father who was presumed dead for most of her life. When he reenters Cassie’s life, thanks to a spell she cast, he warns her that she’s in danger and tells her to meet him for more information.

Adam, unsurprisingly, isn’t exactly on board with this plan. Check out the exclusive clip below to see their rather awkward post-date interaction. Isn’t love grand?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie