tsc grey damon phoebe tonkin lee faye 'The Secret Circle': Grey Damon's garage is full of secrets“The Secret Circle” has always been pretty heavy on the girl power, but the hot guy quotient is definitely on the rise. In addition to Chris Zylka being upgraded to series regular status, we’re about to be introduced to yet another broody, good-looking stranger with a secret.

Enter Lee LaBeque, a grifter dabbles in dark magic and has ties to the occult. He has a background in
Santeria, a religion with Caribbean origins that is comparable with
voo-doo. He’s played by “Friday Night Lights” star Grey Damon, and we’ll meet him in tonight’s winter premiere episode, but we can expect him to stick around for a while. That’s about all we can expect, because Damon is keeping Lee’s true intentions on the downlow.

“He’s shady,” Damon teases. “But if I do my job right, he’s a little bit endearing, too. Hopefully, people will want to know more about him.”

Peeved that Cassie can do solo magic but she can’t, Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) seeks out Lee’s expertise after finding him on the internet (always a safe bet). He leads her into his creepy garage where they do a super-sexy ritual that involves a lot of lingering gazes and skin-on-skin contact. You know, the usual.

“We definitely played it with that potential,” Damon says, hinting at a possible love connection between Faye and Lee. Let’s just say he’s not exactly her favorite person on earth when tonight’s episode ends, but hey — romance has stemmed from less. “We wanted the moments between them to feel charged. I think there’s a potential that he’ll be a love interest. We’ll have to see how it plays out.”

There’s definitely a hint that Faye and Lee will collaborate a bit more moving forward, but Damon keeps his character’s agenda quiet. Here’s what we do know: As things progress, one of Faye’s friends is not pleased. “He does get more involved with the rest of the Circle,” he teases. “One of them takes issue with him and doesn’t like what he’s doing. I think in terms of the big picture, he’s mostly focused on Faye, because everyone kind of has their own problems right now.”

There are no complaints from Damon that his storyline mostly revolves around Faye, though. “Phoebe is fantastic. I love working with her – she’s as much of a spitfire off screen as she is on-screen. She’s got lots of personality, and we had a great time collaborating.”

Tune in tonight at 9 p.m. EST — and in the meantime, prepare yourselves for awesomeness.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie