tsc dekker robertson cc 'The Secret Circle' premiere: Spellbound by Phoebe Tonkin and Gale Harold“The Secret Circle” pilot has finally aired, after months of anticipation. Like “The Vampire Diaries” before it, this show has a built in fanbase because it’s based on a series of novels by L.J. Smith. We’re curious to hear what you thought, whether or not you were a fan of the books or a newbie, so drop us a line in the comments!

We’re looking forward to seeing how things develop between Cassie (Britt Robertson) and Adam (Thomas Dekker). Their chemistry, particularly in the scene where they “make magic” together, was a pleasant surprise — we totally buy it when Ethan (Adam Harrington) says they were destined for each other.

The breakout stars of the pilot, however, are the ones with more selfish intentions. Phoebe Tonkin as Faye was magnificent — we loved her strut down the docks, and the instant switch from arrogance to fear as she realized that the storm she’d summoned was too strong to contain on her own.

We’ve loved Gale Harold‘s work for years, and saw occasional glimpses of his darker side as Brian on “Queer as Folk” — but as Charles, he instantly gave us the chills. The deliberate, calculated nature of the murder in the first scene, particularly given the fact that he obviously knew Amelia, was terrifying.

The best scene in the pilot was easily his drowning scene with Ethan – the juxtaposition of power and weakness was stirring.

Of course, it is still a pilot, so it wasn’t perfect. We’re a little bit baffled by Cassie’s ability to kill the storm, particularly when hours earlier she couldn’t lift a drop of water without help. The lack of character introduction for Nick (Louis Hunter) and Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) could also be considered a mis-step, though we’re sure it’ll be remedied next week.

Drop us a line and let us know if you’ll be tuning in for episode 2!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie