tsc nick jake 'The Secret Circle' star Chris Zylka talks Louis Hunter's return: Was Nick ever dead at all?“The Secret Circle” shocked fans last fall by killing off a main character and fan favorite from the source novels, Nick. At the time, Louis Hunter told us that he’d be up for returning to the Circle if the story called for it.  “I think that the show being what it is, it could be really organic, and
I really loved working with every single person that I worked with up
in Vancouver,” he said, “So if I got the chance to be on the show again, I wouldn’t
hesitate at all.”

Within the Circle, Nick was replaced by his witch-hunter older brother, Jake (Chris Zylka). Zylka often laments the fact that viewers never got to see Nick and Jake together as brothers, so he was thrilled when executive producer Andrew Miller told the cast that Hunter would be returning as the famed traitor witch, back from the dead with a vengeance.

“Isn’t that awesome?” Zylka laughs. “First of all, I was so excited to meet Louis, because I’ve heard so many great things about him from Thomas [Dekker]. Thomas and I are the worst friends to each other, when it comes to calling each other or being able to communicate with each other, so I’d never met Louis before, even though we have a mutual best friend. It doesn’t make any sense!”

On screen, Jake may not be quite as elated by the return of his little brother. Let’s just say that being drowned to exorcise a demon might’ve had a bit of an impact on Nick’s personality. “Jake is obviously going to react emotionally, like he usually does, but it may not be the emotion that everyone would expect,” Zylka teases. “Is he going to shut him out? Is he going to do that Jake thing where he just gets pissed and covers up his real emotions?”

chris zylka phoebe tonkin secret circle 'The Secret Circle' star Chris Zylka talks Louis Hunter's return: Was Nick ever dead at all?Though Nick has teamed up with Eben and the witch hunters, Jake can’t hold much of a grudge, seeing as he himself was a hunter when he first arrived in Chance Harbor. “I think Jake realizes, inside his head, that the entire Circle has forgiven him. He should be able to forgive his brother.”

We’re hoping that the Circle will find out about Charles’ and Dawn’s involvement in Nick’s violent death, but Zylka keeps some secrets to himself. “That you’ll have to tune in to see,” he says. “He might not even have been dead!”

Say what?

Even with the whole resurrected-dead-brother thing going on, Jake and the gang still make time to go to the prom in tonight’s episode. Now, if you’ve ever watched television before in your life, you know that TV proms always, always end in disaster or tragedy or heartbreak. Always.

Before the trauma begins, though, we will get to see a few sweet moments — particularly between Faye and Jake. These two have been firmly in the frenemies-with-benefits camp throughout the season, but we may begin to see signs of a more genuine affection.

“Faye eventually asks Jake to prom, and in this episode you’re going to see some really nice moments, where it’s not just Faye and Jake hooking up, you’ll see a very endearing care for each other. It’s actually really nice, and it was wonderful to film something like that with Phoebe [Tonkin] instead of just the hookup scenes,” Zylka laughs. “Jake is a Beatles fan, okay? All he needs is love.”

As for the rest of the episode, Zylka will only say this: “We’re ‘The Secret Circle.’ Terrible things will happen. Someone’s going to get bloody. There will be spells. And Cassie will get into tons of trouble.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie