Mollyringwald_secretlifeoftheamericanteenager_s3_290 We finally got to the good stuff tonight on “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” – a confrontation between George and David, and it was at the top of the episode. Great night people, great night. Plus, the teens seemed to bring more crazy than usual, which was perplexing in a fun way even if it does make me wonder whether any of the writers on the show have kids.

In the aftermath of the David/George battle, Anne informed George (again) that she loved David but wasn’t in love with him just like she loved George but wasn’t in love with him. Poor George, he finally put himself out there like I’ve been encouraging him to do and Anne didn’t instantly jump into his arms declaring her undying love for him.

Anne did however finally kick David to the curb, but it wasn’t quite as enthusiastic a dumping as I’d hoped for. Plus, David allowed Anne to keep her job which meant that he still had designs on her. He started a paragraph with “don’t just marry George again” and finished it with “and call me after the baby comes and I’ll get you some ‘work.'” Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Then, he gave her the car, and finally, the last thing he said to George was that the bet about who would end up with Anne was still on. George ought to have decked him then and there – I’m thinking Anne is the type who would pretend to care for the loser of the fight but end up with the winner.

Someone explain to me just how crazy Adrian is, because every time I think I’ve worked out her level of insanity, she ups it a notch. She went over to George’s with Grace pretending that she had never seen the house before because she figured that Ricky was next door and wanted to spy. Of course, that was only after she couldn’t make her father go see a house that wasn’t on the market. And then she told Ricky that her dad was going to buy the house. Crazy.

While we’re on the subject though, what was that conversation? Adrian informing everyone that her dad was buying the house, Amy saying it wouldn’t happen, Adrian telling Ashley that she could still live there… it went on and on and on and was all based completely on hearsay and lies. At least Jack recognized the crazy in the whole idea — nice level-headed guy that Jack (even if he does have an alcohol problem… where did that storyline go).

Fine, I expect those sorts of truly crazy conversations and ideas from these truly crazy teenagers, what was not okay was George offering to show the house to Ruben based on the insanity of Adrian’s idea. George went beyond that though with liking the idea that Adrian living in his house might stop Ricky and Amy from ever hooking up again.

Speaking of the once-pregnant teen, at this point I’m not quite sure why Ben is still interested in Amy. She is nothing but suspicious despite Ben’s protestations that nothing happened in Italy, and she almost flatly refuses to even discuss what she did or didn’t do with Ricky when Ricky slept over in the Spring (and since). Do you think that Ben cheated in Italy? Honestly, I almost hope he did.

Odds and ends:

  • Adrian thinks about getting pregnant sometimes in order to try and compete with Amy? Holy macaroni.
  • Amy’s insane — if Ricky says Adrian can hold the baby, Adrian can hold the baby. Ricky’s the dad, that does actually count for something. Amy ought to just have stayed asleep at the restaurant.
  • Amy forgetting to bring the baby over to her dad’s to get a ride to school? Awesome.
  • Why did Ashley and Griffin come up with a no dating in high school pact? Is it based on Amy and the baby or…?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser