shailenewoodley secretlifeoftheamericanteenager s3 290 'The Secret Life of the American Teenager': Another season finale and another babyAre they going to be having a baby on every season finale of “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” from here on out? I don’t think it’s a bad plan necessarily, they talk about sex often enough and it’s definitely a way to keep the cast young.

I said last week that it was weird for Adrian and Ricky to be going to couples therapy while still in high school. I am sticking with that assertion – it’s weird, just plain weird. I’m not at all surprised that Adrian set up an appointment for the two of them at Ricky’s therapist without talking to Ricky first, but that’s even more wrong than just going to couples therapy in general.

Leaving aside the weirdness of the idea, Adrian didn’t seem all that serious during the session at first. She seemed to be doing her usual “shock the adult” thing. Doc Fields did a great job at cutting through her horse hockey, but I think that was completely against her will. I don’t think Adrian went there with the intent of divulging real information, I think he just forced it out of her. Her entire attitude until she started talking about Antonio was just her putting on her usual show, so why spend all that money on a shrink and force Ricky into it if she wasn’t planning on taking it seriously?

Yes, it appears as though therapy worked (at least momentarily) for Adrian and Ricky, but it was only necessary because Adrian was unwilling to really talk until they were there. If Adrian had just bothered to tell Ricky before then why she felt the way she did they wouldn’t have had to go to therapy in the first place.

I find myself saying something else again this week too – I love George, but goodness, really? I have a daughter and the notion of suggesting to a teenage boy that he ought to put the moves on my daughter is ludicrous. How could George possibly suggest to Ben that Ben make it known that he wants to sleep with Amy? I don’t buy that for a second. My daughter is young, but I promise you this right now: if 12 years from now some guy comes up to me and there’s an implication that he is even vaguely interested in my daughter, I’m not going to be happy and I’m certainly not going to tell him to tell my daughter that he wants her. No, he’s going to get a swift kick in the pants and shoved out the door instead.

As for George’s wondering if he should be getting back together with Anne, I think that was just a moment of doubt (like the one he then had at the end of the episode). He loves Anne and is worried about the future with her and the kids. Doubt is normal, that I forgive and he came up big when it was needed. Amy and Ashley weren’t wrong to be laughing at the idea of the George delivering the kid, but my George always comes through in the clutch… always. Go George!

What do we think about Grace’s attitude towards her mom’s boy toy? Grace did have no business asking her mom about whether or not she and Jeff were having sex and stating that if her mom had sex she would have sex too. But, on the other hand, for Grace to be upset that her mom is seeing someone else is natural. Can you imagine what Grace would have said if she had heard that Jeff wanted to marry her mom? Good times.

Odds and ends:

  • Ashley telling Ricky and Adrian that the window was not a one-way mirror? Awesome.
  • Amy was right, she does have to make some changes, stuff like growing up.
  • I’ve never viewed George as Ward Cleaver but “stepped up a notch.” I still don’t think I do.
  • Oral sex is sex, no matter what you believe.
  • Jack and Grace’s break-up, will it stick?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser