indiaeisley secretlifeofanamericanteenager s3 290 'The Secret Life of the American Teenager': Friends with benefitsThere was a whole lot of moving and shaking going on tonight on “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.” There were house switches, apartment leavings, and shaking of moneymakers (in an ABC Family kind of way, of course).

George actually did a brilliant thing tonight – I love him but he’s not always that smart and I am generally surprised when he shows his intelligence – he turned the garage into a bedroom for Ashley. Then, to top it off, when Amy started in on her whiny ways about needing the new room for herself, he neither gave in nor did he get into a fight with her, he just calmly looked at her and made his point clear.

I don’t want to rant against Amy too much, but her getting upset about Ashley getting the room was both predictable and ludicrous. John has Ashley’s room and there’s no reason that Ashley should have to have Amy’s old room which is situated right near a screaming baby (soon to be two). It really made me happy that everyone who heard about Amy’s upset thought her insane.

Fine, you want me to say it, I’ll say it – Amy wasn’t entirely wrong tonight, she was right to be upset about Ricky being with Ashley. She was however upset for the wrong reasons – it had nothing to do with Ashley’s safety, she was distressed with the idea of Ricky daring to go out with her sister – but being upset wasn’t wrong. That guy shouldn’t be going out alone with Ashley.

I absolutely believed Ricky when he said that he would never touch Ashley, but it still felt wrong. I want Ricky to be more of an adult, but he’s not quite far enough along for me to completely believe him. He was an adult, allegedly, about the Ashley thing, but he certainly wasn’t in his trying to be “friends with benefits” with Adrian, there he was just as childlike as he has always been.

Here’s the thing about Adrian’s not wanting to have sex with Ricky because he doesn’t think they could get married – it sounds so adult and grown-up and I don’t buy it for a minute. She talks a good game, but I think she’s only doing the talking in order to manipulate Ricky into agreeing that he wants to marry her one day. Plus, Adrian was wrong about how they’re not “that young.” They are. I’m not saying that one can’t marry their high school “friend with benefits,” but she shouldn’t have been surprised if Ricky didn’t feel the same as she did. And couples therapy at that age? Do people do that? They don’t do they? Even if they do, tell me they don’t.

Adrian, Ashley, and George weren’t the only people moving tonight, Betty was too, right into the Sausage King’s kingdom. How awesome was Betty’s garage sale – shoes that have hardly touched the floor, handcuffs, a pogo stick which Betty never realized could be used for jumping up and down, and a dentist chair. I don’t know how that last one got used appropriately, but it was still awesome.

Odds and ends:

  • Jack must be awfully interested in Grace to go to the drug store to help his girlfriend with her “Aunt Flo” (I’ve always preferred “surfing the crimson wave” as a metaphor myself).
  • Kathleen was totally on a date with that guy, Jeff, today. Or, maybe it wasn’t a date, maybe it was just a nooner (or supposed to be one). Thoughts?
  • Grace certainly didn’t take the “date” her mom had well. Grace needs to allow her mom to move on. Hard yes, but what her mom does isn’t up to Grace.
  • Ben took the dentist chair? I wonder if he’s going to use the knowledge he gained in Italy with it (there was that call with Italy at the end of the episode).
  • Amy moving in with Ben at the Sausage King’s? Bad idea. Very bad.

The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews – we’re going to work on that dentist chair thing.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser