. One day it's adoption, the next day not. One day it's Ben, the next Ricky, the next Ben again. One day it's floozy, the next born-again virgin, the next floozy again. If this all keeps up, I think we may need to start some sort of scorecard.

So, Amy now seems to be both anti-adoption and anti-job. Her mom was not amused by that, which I actually found amusing, but not amusing as what came next. Next, Anne got that job she needed and she also got a job for Amy.

It wasn't really the greatest of jobs though, it was for a guy who was something of a weasel (and yet utterly hysterical) over at the Hot Dog Hut. The guy asked Anne things he certainly shouldn't have, like Anne's age and whether or not Anne was a real redhead (but this is ABC Family, so there was no M*A*S*H moment). Anne kind of pointed out the illegality of his actions and thereby got the job not only for herself, but for Amy too.

On their first day, Amy was so not into it, but Anne appeared to be. Amy figured that her mom was just blowing smoke, that she didn't really enjoy the Hot Dog Hut, but rather was just trying to teach Amy a lesson. I'm not sure about that, Anne really seemed to be loving it, and by the end of the night she'd not only gotten hit on by a guy, but the same guy had offered her a job too. If Anne takes that job, I wonder what will happen to Amy's job as the hot dog girl. I'm not sure the weasel is interested in only having the pregnant girl work for him.

Meanwhile, Grace pitched to Adrian the idea that Adrian ought to become a virgin again. Adrian was against it, right up until Grace showed her how attractive virgins are to boys and explained that being a virgin might help Adrian sleep with her brother. Do I have to point out exactly how foolish an idea that whole thing is from beginning to end? I mean, there's the idea of becoming a virgin again (impossible physically) and there's the idea that Adrian would do it solely so that she could lose her virginity again. See, ridiculous.

Reverend Stone made that second to last bit completely clear — if Adrian asked God's forgiveness she could be a virgin spiritually, he explained, but certainly not physically (but we knew that without the Reverend's help, didn't we?). Of course, even the spiritual part would require that Adrian actually truly wanted God to forgive her, when what she actually wanted was to get into her brother's pants. If God would approve of restoring virginity for the express purpose of losing it again, I'm a monkey's uncle.

It was also made clear tonight, as if we didn't know it already, that Ricky's not done yet trying to get his paws on Amy and their offspring. He and Ben had a series of back-and-forths tonight, each time with one trying to make the other feel insecure. Ricky definitely ended up with the upper hand, telling Ben that Amy was only after him because he had money and could make her comfortable.

As tough as that was, it was Jack though who had the worst day — he had been scammed by Duncan into selling candy bars, robbed by Duncan of the candy bar proceeds, and had his car taken too. I had no idea that Jack was that gullible, but apparently he is. He's going to have a terribly hard life unless he smartens up.

As for Ashley, she seems to be pursuing this thing with Thomas, or perhaps Thomas is pursuing her. Well, no, they're definitely pursuing each other. It seemed to go pretty well tonight, Thomas came over for a home cooked meal made by Ashley. They make for an odd couple, but they're odd kids, so I guess it could work out.

I'm not afraid to say it, all in all tonight was a good episode. It was funny, it had serious moments, and just was all around enjoyable.

As for my question of the week — Adrian and the virgin thing. She seemed off of it by the end of the episode when her brother made it clear that he would sleep with her before marriage, but did her attitude about the whole thing just feel wrong to you from beginning to end? I know it did to me.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser