Darenkagasoff_thesecretlifeoftheamericanteenager_240 I foresee a future for The Secret Life of the American Teenager where, if things continue apace, there ought to be four or five rugrats running around the place by the end of season three. I firmly don’t believe that any of the teens have learned anything from what’s going on around them. Why should they, after all, let’s face it, the show is almost entirely populated by crazy people.

Right off the bat tonight, Ricky declared his love of Amy to Doc Fields. What?!? Since when? Have you seen anything that indicates that Ricky loves Amy? I know I haven’t. Ricky figured that maybe that’s why he got Amy pregnant — because he loves her. He then said that he was going to pretend like he was okay with the adoption for a few weeks before pulling the rug out from everyone. I don’t know about you, but that’s totally how I show love — I lie to those I care for about the most important things in my life. Yeah, I wasn’t buying what Ricky was selling and I hope you weren’t either.

Fortunately, Ricky wasn’t quite as slick as he thought. Anne knew exactly what Ricky was planning, and Doc Fields confirmed it for her. Even Donovan and Leon knew Ricky wasn’t going to accept the adoption. For that reason and several others they opted to pull out of the whole thing.

Amy was feeling distressed that Ben didn’t want to talk to her (Ben did, but he was upset about the Ricky situation). I hope it was simply out of despair, but Amy suggested to her mom that perhaps she would be better with Ricky than Ben. She also told her dad that she was pretty sure that Ricky liked her and that it was hard not to like someone back who liked you. I think I may have to start an online petition to prevent that relationship from happening.

On the upside, by the end of the episode, Ben had declared his love to Amy once again, and while angry, Amy told him that she loved him. I’m not sure any of these kids will stay together, but it does seem like those two have the best shot.

I really do like how George has stepped up to the plate recently. He may not deal with everything in the best way, but I think he’s quietly become the smartest guy on the show. He recognized that Amy’s wedding to Ben was real, at least emotionally. Also, he explained to her that she ought not marry Ricky just because she only wanted to sleep with one guy in her whole life. Plus, he knew when he saw Ashley with a cigarette in her hand that there was no way she was smoking. That George has it going on.

Speaking of sex, and really that’s what this show is all about, Grace was handed birth control pills by her mom tonight. Later she even told her mom about all the things she was thinking about sex (there was talk of nakedness and sweatiness). That family definitely doesn’t teach abstinence only. They teach it as the best policy, but not the only one. Grace didn’t plan on taking the pills she said, but she wanted to keep them. She also wanted to start seeing Ricky again, if Ricky wanted to see her.

Predictably — and awesomely — Adrian was not happy with that last bit of news. Upon hearing it, she instantly declared that she was going to go home that night, make out with her brother, and then invite Ricky over to have sex.

I wonder when Adrian will hit upon the idea of being with both guys at once. I’m convinced she’s headed there, after all, when her brother showed up tonight she told him that she thought when he asked her to go to dinner and a movie that it was code for him wanting to come over to her place and have sex with her. A threesome with Ricky and her brother can’t be that far from her mind. Of course, had she known that Grace decided that she really didn’t want to see Ricky (Grace didn’t answer a call from him that night), Adrian probably would no longer have been interested, although after her date with her brother she may not have been interested anyway.

Crazy people I tell you, crazy people.

And, my question to you — how long before Grace pops those pills? I’m saying she doesn’t wait too long to pop them even if she continues to debate abstinence.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser