Michaelchiklis_shield_240_002I didn’t get to The Shield until early this morning, so apologies for the brevity of this post. But my goodness, that was one hell of a tense episode.

Spoilers straight ahead.

Shane remarked, after the failed hit on him a couple episodes back, that the worst thing was that Vic and Ronnie thought he was too stupid to realize what had just happened. He’s not, but as has been the case throughout the series, he wasn’t quite adept enough to pull off his own scheme to take out his partners.

Two-Man botches his end of the hit, missing Ronnie entirely and letting one of his neighbors ID his motorcycle. That in turn bollixes Shane’s plan to lie in wait for Vic and sets everyone on a scramble to get to Two-Man, either to bring him down or, in Shane’s case, cover everything up.

I don’t know how many times we’ve seen Vic finesse a similar situation, when one of the various bad guys he’s had dealings with ends up in the Barn and he manages to cover his tracks. Shane, though, can’t get there, and thus we end the episode with him, Mara and their son on the run. But not before:

  • Mara confronts Corinne about all the bad things Vic has done, including killing Terry Crowley and robbing the money train, and basically enlists her as an accessory to her new fugitive life.
  • Corinne in turn takes her newfound knowledge to Vic, leading to one of the more remarkable scenes between the two of them in the history of the show. It wasn’t a big blowout, but the very fact that Vic admitted he’s done "a lot of things I shouldn’t have done, for reasons that made sense at the time but are hard to defend now" to her, after years and years of vehemently denying to her that he was dirty, packed a huge punch.
  • And, oh yeah, Vic turns in his badge to go after Shane on his own. Holy. Crap. I have to think this won’t help his prospects for landing a job with ICE after he leaves the police force, to say nothing of the fact that it puts him directly in Claudette’s crosshairs and will force Ronnie, Julien and everyone else at Farmington to choose sides.

We have five episodes and who knows how many more twists and turns before The Shield comes to an end, but it’s looking more and more to me like Vic will end up paying for his sins by becoming completely isolated from his family and his job. For a man who’s always thought of himself as the one person who can fix everything, that’s got to be among the harshest punishments of all.

Share your thoughts on this week’s episode and where The Shield is headed in its final five episodes.

Posted by:Rick Porter