simpsons assange fox 'The Simpsons' 500th episode: What did you think? [POLL]“The Simpsons” aired their 500th episode on Sunday (Feb. 19). It’s a remarkable accomplishment that we’re unlikely to see from any show anytime soon. So let’s see how America’s first family celebrated the occasion.

[Spoiler Alert]

Springfield residents have had enough of the Simpsons and all the trouble they’ve caused. As a result, they decide to kick them out of town. This leads Homer and family to find a new life living completely off the grid. It’s as rural as rural can be. However living in the middle of no where isn’t all they’d hoped for. This leads Marge and Homer to sneak back into town. When the two return, they find they’re as unwanted as ever.

Now committed to their new life, the Simpsons find that it’s not long before a few other Springfielders envy their existence and follow them. Then a few more. Before you know it, a new Springfield is being built up around them and all is back to normal.

The episode features some good sight gags including “Moe’s Cavern” and Milhouse doing Bart’s normal chalkboard routine. The program also offers the guest voice of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange playing himself.

So Zappers, what did you think of the 500th? Vote below.

Posted by:David Eckstein