judd apatow simpsons conan obrien 'The Simpsons': Judd Apatow's very old spec script is becoming an episodeWhen he was just a struggling comedy writer, Judd Apatow wrote a spec script for “The Simpsons.” Now that he’s a very famous producer and director — and has told his “Simpsons” story publicly — the show wants to film that script.

The episode, in which Homer is hypnotized and believes he’s 10 years old, will be filmed next year, Apatow tells Conan O’Brien (himself an ex-“Simpsons” writer) on Conan’s web interview show “Serious Jibber-Jabber.”

“I was talking about the story that I wrote, which is about Homer taking the family to a hypnotism show, and he’s put under to think he was 10, then the hypnotist has a heart attack*,” Apatow says in the video below (the “Simpsons” talk starts about five minutes in). “For the rest of the show him and Bart are best friends. Then they go on the run because Homer doesn’t want to be woken up and have to have responsibilities. He loves being a kid. Then I realized everything I’ve done for my whole career is basically that story.”

(*Shades of “Office Space,” although Apatow says he wrote his “Simpsons” script in the show’s first season, which predates Mike Judge‘s movie by about 10 years.)

After telling the story publicly, Apatow says, he got a call from the “Simpsons” producers saying they’d like to use the story for a future episode. “So now I can retire,” he says. “That was the first thing I ever wrote.”

You can watch the full, hour-plus interview below or at TeamCoco.com.

Posted by:Rick Porter