“The Simpsons” went with Katy Perry where “Sesame Street” would not.

On Sunday’s (Dec. 5) holiday episode, the show concludes with an all-puppet segment that features the “Firework” singer.

It’s a nod to The Muppets, not only “The Muppet Show” but also “Sesame Street,” the PBS children’s show that had yanked Perry’s music video with Elmo from its broadcast because of negative attention paid to her low-cut dress.

The tone and dialogue is classic “Muppet Show,” and when the Mr. Burns puppet celebrates, he echoes Kermit’s stiff armed, head back posture. “Yay!” It’s all a little disturbing, but we do like Grandpa Simpson and his pal Jasper Beardly playing the Statler and Waldorf roles in the balcony.

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen