maggie simpson longest daycare fox 'The Simpsons': Maggie to star in animated short before 'Ice Age: Continental Drift'After more than 500 episodes of being an afterthought on “The Simpsons,” Maggie is finally getting a starring role.

The toddler will be featured in a 3-D animated short called “The Longest Daycare.” It will play in theaters before the film “Ice Age: Continental Drift.” That movie is set for a July 13 release.

Of course this won’t be Maggie’s big screen debut. She was in the 2007 feature “The Simpsons Movie.”

FOX hasn’t said what the film will be about, so we’re left guessing. Our best (and slightly weirdest) thought is that it’s an ode to the 1962 20th Century Fox film “The Longest Day.” The movie retells the story of D-Day as told from both the Allied and German perspectives. Considering Maggie was already involved in a parody of “The Great Escape” on the TV series, anything is possible.

Posted by:David Eckstein