Halloween is over, but because FOX was airing the World Series last week, “The Simpsons” get to put a period on trick-or-treating season with the 21st installment of “Treehouse of Horror.”

The three segments in Sunday’s (Nov. 7) show include the much-discussed “Tweenlight” with “Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe voicing a moody vampire that Lisa falls for (that’s the clip up top); “War and Pieces,” in which Bart and Milhouse enter a world where all their supposedly lame board games to life; and “Master and Cadaver,” a takeoff on “Dead Calm” that has Homer and Marge’s seagoing second honeymoon spoiled by a castaway (voiced by “House” star Hugh Laurie).

The opening of the show, featuring Bart, Homer and Professor Frink, is below. “Treehouse of Horror XXI” airs at 8 p.m. ET Sunday.

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Posted by:Rick Porter