Love it or hate it, The Simpsons is a staple of American life and proves each Sunday on Fox that family is the most important thing in life — after doughnuts, beer, skipping class and saxophone lessons. So if you’re an American and you love Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Marge and Homer, call your friends and family, and let’s reminisce about working at the nuclear plant — we’re throwing a Simpsons party!

Setting the scene:
While the Simpson house seems like an obvious choice to re-create this shindig, we’d rather party at Moe’s Tavern. So set up a cartoon bar in your living room complete with bar stools and bar in the colors of the show — yellows, blues and reds. Make sure you’ve got hand-painted signs that say “Moe’s” and “Welcome to Springfield.” Behind the bar have cans of Duff beer, coasters and ice buckets. Add posters of Bart, Homer and the gang on the walls. Be sure to have a greyhound named Santa’s Little Helper and a memorial to Snowball I. Have laptops set up so that guests can play The Simpsons Ride. During the viewing, all guests get a doughnut whenever Homer says “D’oh!” (Let’s hope he says it a lot.) Party favors can include T-shirts and bobblehead dolls.

Dressing like Bart is pretty simple: hair waxed or gelled into spikes, plain T-shirts with shorts, a skateboard and a slingshot in your back pocket. Costumes and masks of everyone from Mr. Burns to Krusty the Clown add to the stupidity. Hats, board shorts and even neckties can be had at the Simpsons online store.

On the menu:
Pink iced doughnuts stacked into towers and pitchers of beer should be displayed prominently. Homer’s favorites include pork chops, meatloaf, cookies, pancakes, pizza and candy.

On the hi-fi:
The Limited Edition: The Simpsons Movie Soundtrack includes the songs Trapped Like Carrots, Clap for Alaska, Spider Pig, Why Does Everything I Whip Leave Me? and Thank You Boob Lady.

The showstopper:
If watching the show isn’t good enough, head to Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla., and check out The Simpsons Ride. This motion base simulator ride lets you travel with the family to Krustyland, a low-rent theme park created by Krusty himself! You’ll fly, float and crash your way through the park while seeing Krustyland’s kiddie attractions, thrill rides and stunt shows.

Posted by:Michael Korb