the sing off winners committed 320 'The Sing Off's' winners, Committed, on the future: 'We're going to sing our little hearts out'

After four nights of competition on “The Sing-Off,” six church boys from Huntsville, Alabama sang their way to a Season 2 win in Monday’s (Dec. 20) finale. 
Zap2it was at the live taping and we spoke with Committed just moments after host and executive producer, Nick Lachey, announced their win.
“We don’t believe it,” Committed’s Alain “Tommy” Gervais tells Zap2it. “The confetti flew everywhere and we’re like, ‘what?’ Tears. All the hard work, man. We didn’t know we were going to be here, but we’re here now. Thanks to him [as he points up].”
Committed took the competition by performing some of pop and R&B’s greatest hits, including a rousing Usher medley on Night 3, despite the fact that they’ve never performed secular music before “The Sing-Off.”

“A lot of people were shocked,” Maurice Staple says of their winning renditions of popular music. “Because they didn’t know we could pull it off. At the same time, they were very happy. They were very proud, supportive, seeing us on the stage. We have a lot of support back home.”
So, how does the group explain their thoughtful renditions of the popular songs? “I think it’s more of a feeling,” says Theron “Terry” Thomas. “We sing in a church, you know. We naturally have that kind of just extra emotion behind what we sing. Like we mean what we’re singing and portrayed [it] correctly, I believe, on TV.”

Committed not only wins $100,000 for winning the a capella competition, but they also get a record deal with Sony Music. So, we asked the guys what we could expect from their future album.
“The type of songs we want to sing,” Dennis “DJ” Baptiste says. “Gospel, of course, inspirational, songs with positive words, clean words and stuff like that. Love songs.” 
And Tommy adds, “Stuff that people can dance to in their car. Don’t worry…”
In the finale, Committed got to perform with judge Shawn Stockman’s iconic R&B group, Boys II Men, and Stockman passed on some advice to the up and comers.
“[Shawn Stockman] mainly told us we have to stay together as brothers,” Tommy says. “We’re going to fight, we’re going to do all this, but don’t let anything break [us] up… Don’t listen to anyone else. Stay strong together, just do what we do, which is sing. We’re going to sing our little hearts out and hopefully America loves us.”
Watch our interview below, plus the group sings a bit of “Joy to the World”:

America, how much do you love Committed already?
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