sing off finale winners home free ten vocal rush 'The Sing Off' finale results: Did Home Free, Ten or Vocal Rush win Season 4?After a whirlwind two weeks of competition, the resurrected fourth season of NBC’s “The Sing-Off” has come to an end. The three a cappella groups left in the competition — country boys Home Free, backup singers Ten, and high school students Vocal Rush — are all incredibly talented. Which one won?

In the end, despite valiant efforts from the other two groups, it was the country stylings of Home Free that took home the title. Host Nick Lachey tells Zap2it the boys caught the judges’ attention from the very beginning.

“They hit the ground running. They were one of the groups that stood out from Day 1,” Lachey says. “They just had a great sound together. They certainly got better as the show went along, but really came into it with an already very polished stage presence and sound. I’m very, very proud of those guys. They worked really hard. I thought they truly deserved to win and I’m excited to see what they’re going to do because I think there’s a lot of opportunity for a country group of their talent to go out and do a lot of very cool stuff.”

There hasn’t really been a successful country a cappella group before, but Lachey thinks there’s always room for Home Free.

“A cappella music, the great thing about it is it’s not restricted to one genre of music, one age demographic, anything like that,” he says. “It was exciting to have our first country group on the show because it’s such a huge market — there are so many country music fans out there — and that hadn’t been represented in an a cappella sense to this point.”

There is indeed a gigantic country music-loving audience out there. Restless Road, the Simon Cowell-produced country boy band on “The X Factor” Season 3, just barely missed out on the finals, and “American Idol” has produced several country-tinged winners.

“It’s not rocket science! There’s a lot of country fans out there,” Lachey says. “Blake [Shelton]‘s groups won ‘The Voice’ three seasons in a row — I don’t think that’s an accident either. People love country music and to not have that genre of music represented on the show is just kind of short-sighted. I was happy to see that group come and be part of ‘The Sing-Off.'”

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Posted by:Jean Bentley