calle sol the sing off season 4 'The Sing Off': Meet Calle Sol, the 'Latin flavor' of Season 4It’s been two years since the last season of NBC’s “The Sing-Off” aired, but since then — thanks to the success of the movie “Pitch Perfect” and to Internet phenomenon Pentatonix, who won Season 3 — a cappella singing is en vogue again. Zap2it spoke with each of the groups competing in Season 4 to get an idea of what the season will hold. Up next: Calle Sol, bringing some Latin flavor to this year’s competition.

Nota, an all-male group from Puerto Rico, won Season 1 of “The Sing-Off” in 2009. Now, some friends of theirs from the island are trying to replicate that success in Season 4. Calle Sol, a group of six professional musicians who formed specifically for the competition earlier in 2013, decided to audition after being fans of the show since Season 1.

“We’d all been performing in our individual solo careers” for years, explains Craig Cacciola, as solo artists and as groups (some of the girls were in a girl group together 13 years ago). “We’ve been trying to strive for this dream for a long time and finally we’re here and we’re trying to embrace it and do all that we can.”

The group sings a variety of different styles, and further differentiate themselves from the pack by the way they dance. “We have a mix of different flavors — pop, hip hop, and then we have the Latin flavors as well,” says Vanessa Marco. “We’re also dancers, so we dance while we sing. We gotta do a lot of cardio!”

But just because they dance, too, doesn’t mean their voices aren’t the spotlight of their performances. “A cappella takes a lot. A lot of people don’t realize how tough it is,” says Cacciola. “There’s no instruments involved, just the only instrument our bodies have — our vice. There’s nothing more organic than a cappella and it doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Thank god Pentatonix are putting it on the map so we can hopefully follow in their footsteps and make this thing as huge as it could be.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley