ten the sing off season 4 'The Sing Off' Season 4: Backup singers Ten hit the spotlightTwo years after the last season of NBC’s “The Sing-Off”
aired — and following the success of the movie “Pitch Perfect” and Internet phenomenon Pentatonix, who won Season 3 — a cappella singing
is en vogue again. Zap2it spoke with each of the groups competing in Season 4.
Up next: Ten, a group of background singers who are trying to steal the spotlight for themselves.

The group Ten formed two months before arriving in Los Angeles to compete on “The Sing-Off.” All its members are professional musicians — many of them backup singers who know each other through work channels — but they hadn’t performed together until right before the competition began.

“Individually everybody has done background work, so I talked to everybody and we put this together for the show,” says group leader Peaches. “We’d never done a cappella before.”

Jokes one of the members, “Does singing in the shower count?”

Because of their eclectic membership — some of them are from Dallas, one is from Nashville, one is from Kentucky — Ten has an eclectic sound, too. “I think we’re just a gumbo of sounds,” says Deonis Cook. “Whatever you throw at us — gospel, opera, R&B, hip-hop — we’re able to do it and we love doing it. It’s just a mixture.”

Adds Peaches, “Everybody’s voices are so different but they blend together so well.”

The lack of in-person rehearsal time could’ve hurt the group, but Cook says that they all love what they do so much that it was much easier than expected. “When it’s something that you love to do, it just comes. It just flows. It’s easy to do. We don’t look at it as a job, we look at it as this is how we communicate with each other. It’s love. It’s what we love to do.”

Not only have they gained more respect for each other, but they also admire the other groups as well. Says Peaches, “The competing standpoint, this is new for us. We came into this with no real idea of how this was going to work or even feel, and once we got here we fell in love with everybody. You want to win personally, but you don’t want to see anybody else lose either. It’s just hard.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley