acoUstiKats-the-sing-off-season-4.jpgIt’s been two years since the last season of NBC’s “The Sing-Off” aired, but since then — thanks to the success of the movie “Pitch Perfect” and to Internet phenomenon Pentatonix, who won Season 3 — a cappella singing is en vogue again. Zap2it spoke with each of the groups competing in Season 4 to get an idea of what the competition will hold.

The University of Kentucky AcoUstiKats want you to know that they’ve got swag. Like, a lot of it. “We are the epitome of the Southern gentleman with a little bit of modern class and a whole lot of swag,” group member Ron Wilbur tells Zap2it.

Adds Ross Hill, “We are a lot like the typical male collegiate a cappella group, but with 100 times more soul and swag.”

So, to sum up: They’ve got lots of swag. That means, as you saw in their debut performance of Robin Thicke‘s “Blurred Lines,” they’re not above gyrating onstage for comedic effect. After all, it’s what they do backstage to get pumped for the show — they might as well do it onstage too. “We do jumping jacks, we twerk backstage, we get hyped,” Wilbur says of their warm-up strategy.

The AcoUstiKats are a subset of the men’s choir at the University of Kentucky, and they brought back some alumni in addition to their current members to compete on the show.

Says Evan Jennings Pulliam, “We’ve been watching ‘The Sing-Off’ for three seasons now and we’ve seen so many awesome male collegiate a cappella groups, but at the same time we are so different from all of them. We thought that we could really excel here where some of them fell short because we’ve got the fun, carefree, exciting side that the audience loves, but we’ve also got this musicality that we think a lot of them have not had as much of that had allowed them to not advance in the competition.”

Ultimately, says Wilbur, “If we’re having fun and we have a lot of passion in what we’re doing, I think our audience and our judges will see that and it will take us far.”

Check out their performance of “Blurred Lines” below:

Posted by:Jean Bentley