the singles project season 1 tripp art 'The Singles Project' Season 1 finale: Kerry and Tripp live out 'Sweet Home Alabama'

The “project” part of “The Singles Project” implies that at least one person should end up in a lasting relationship, and Kerry and Tripp look like they want to be the couple that goes the distance. In the finale, they take that next step by spending some time in South Carolina with Tripp’s mother. That’s right — it’s time for meet the parents, round two.

Instantly, Kerry feels like she’s living inside “Sweet Home Alabama” and she’s Reese Witherspoon’s city girl side. She’s on a large estate full of Southern charm, and Tripp’s mom, just like her son, is full of Southern hospitality. Perhaps looking back at Kerry’s mom’s interaction with Tripp and deciding to do the exact opposite, Tripp’s mom engulfs Kerry in a huge hug the moment they meet. If that’s not parental acceptance and a way to calm Kerry’s nerves, then what is?

The rest of Kerry and Tripp’s time in South Carolina is full of the two of them taking golf cart rides and swimming in their clothes, so it’s hard to see what Kerry is worried about when it comes to Tripp.

“Maybe I could have … a happy ending.”

Kerry’s biggest fear is putting her guard down only to get hurt like she has so many times before, but if there’s one thing this trip does for her, it’s show her that she has nothing to fear. Tripp cares for her, and as an extension, so does his mom. It might be foreign to her, but it’s real. Of course she can have a happy ending. Assuming you were rooting for Josh Lucas over Patrick Dempsey in “Sweet Home Alabama,” that movie did too.

Looks like the project was a success.

How did you enjoy the season finale? What was your favorite moment from any of the singles? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Posted by:LaToya Ferguson