social network winklevoss twins on mark zuckerberg 'The Social Network's' portrayal was 'generous' to Zuckerberg, say the Winklevoss twins

“The Social Network” seems to have drawn more than famously private Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg into the media spotlight. After six years and a reported $65 million settlement with the Facebook founder, The Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler (AKA “The Winklevi”), are making the media rounds, as well.
In an interview with The Daily, the twins say that the Oscar-nominated film did Zuckerberg a favor with its portrayal of him.
“I think the movie is pretty generous to him,” says one Winklevi (we’re not sure which). “You look at Jesse Eisenberg and there’s definitely a sliver of conscience there and he definitely has some inner turmoil and you think he’s wrestling with some of his actions and the consequences and whatnot.”
But as for the Zuckerberg the twins know and hate?
“The real life Zuckerberg,” the Winklevoss twin adds. “I don’t think he’s showed an ounce of empathy.”
As for what the film got right, they say the billionaire was just as obnoxious during the deposition scenes as the film made him out to be.
Watch the interview below:

From an outsider’s point of view, their take on Zuckerberg’s portrayal makes us think the movie got them down pretty accurately.
Posted by:Jethro Nededog