seaon astin the strain conf call gi 'The Strain': Sean Astin opens up about 'Creatures of the Night'

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the “Creatures of the Night” episode of “The Strain” that aired Sunday, Aug. 31. If you haven’t watched it and don’t want to be spoiled, run away now.
Now that fans have said their goodbye to Jim Kent on “The Strain,” the actor who plays him is opening up about shooting his final scenes.
Sean Astin spoke with reporters during a conference call and game a little insight on how he viewed the character. “Jim is basically a morally compromised guy,” he says. “I think he has the occasional quips that he has, the comedic quips, reveals some personality that might be fun to interact with. But his wife is suffering and he’s compromised.”
However, in the end he was true to himself and his friend Eph, something Astin thinks is important going forward. “It’s Jim’s mortality that really provokes Eph’s empathy,” he says. It’s true, in the moments when Jim was asking to be killed, to save himself from becoming a monster, it was Eph who did everything he could from preventing the inevitable.
Shooting those scenes in the convenience store were no easy ask, as Astin explains, “Ironically the biggest challenge of it was how cold it was. Toronto suffered the coldest winter in most of the crew members’ memory … You look outside at these vampires in their postmortem makeup and you figure it’s not too far off if they stand outside much longer.”
He describes shooting his actual death scene, care of bullets to the head from Vasiliy Fett (Kevin Durand) as “awkward emotionally,” though there was still a bit of fun to be had. “[Kevin] and I have the same lawyer,” he jokes. “Our lawyer loved the fact that one of his clients was killing another.”
As for any hope that his character somehow isn’t dead, don’t get too excited. Astin says Jim was “properly killed” and you likely won’t be seeing him again.
“The Strain” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on FX.
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