the strain 106 recap fx 'The Strain' Season 1, episode 6 recap: 'Occulation' brings an eclipse

A pivotal moment arrived on the latest episode of “The Strain.” A solar eclipse allowed many of the infected to roam the streets during the day, spreading the virus even farther. It’s the kind of development those who have been watching were waiting for, as the contagion slowly grows its hold on New York City.
There is also a lot more being done to try to cover the whole thing up. The FBI is being sent after Eph, as it’s believed that he killed the pilot, rather than the virus. When he goes to warn Kelly and Zack to leave the city, it’s boyfriend Matt who calls the authorities. Yet another reason to dislike that guy.
Eph is taken into custody and questioned, but he doesn’t stay that way for long. While being transported by the FBI, the agents come across the medical examiner who first autopsied those who died on the airplane. He’s fully turned and attacking at random. After hitting both FBI agents with his stinger, the examiner runs away. That allows Eph to make his escape.
He ends up running to Setrakian’s pawn shop. That’s where things get good, as the old man takes Eph downstairs to his basement where Nora and her mother are waiting. The two had to make a quick getaway when the FBI came looking for her as well.
Meanwhile, Gus may have thought he was no longer under Eichorst’s employ, but that’s not exactly the case. He is tasked with his friend Felix to get a body from the hospital and dispose of it. Gus is surprised when it’s Jim, also still in debt to Eichorst, who picks him up and takes him to the hospital. 
While Jim may have some clean with Eph about his misdeeds, the fact that he’s still working for Eichorst doesn’t make him a very sympathetic character. Of course, it’s to save his wife and you give him a bit of slack for that … but this is the possible end of the world.
When dumping the body, Felix looks in the bag and finds a stinger, which doesn’t exactly put him at ease. Later, the two encounter the same medical examiner that led to Eph’s freedom. Gus bashes his head in, but not before one of the worms attaches itself to Felix. Naturally, that’s the moment the police show up, arresting the two for attacking the man. Bad times are ahead for Felix, though.
Finally, there wasn’t a lot of Fet in the episode, but his moment was important. He returned to his office to find it empty. When checking a supply closet though, he found his boss and a coworker turned and hiding in the dark. He opens the blinds on them, letting the sun burn them and put them out of their misery.
He also visited his parents, where you learned that he’s a lot smarter than he may be given credit for. In fact, he turned down a graduate school scholarship to study architecture to become an exterminator instead. He obviously had his reasons, and hopefully they will be explored moving forward.
With the contagion reaching the general public now, it’s just going to spread faster and faster. It’s time to gear up and start controlling the vampire population.
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