the strain season 1 finale recap fx 'The Strain' Season 1 finale recap: 'The Master' comes calling

The end is here, but it’s really just the beginning. The Season 1 finale of “The Strain” answered some of the questions that were no doubt nagging you, but more importantly it set up things that will need to be dealt with when Season 2 rolls around.
The major focus on the episode was the search for the Master, which led the rag tag group of vampire killers to Bolivar’s theater, where they all happened to be. It culminated in a grand fight that saw Eichorst nearly killing Fet, before Setrakian and Eph had the Master bathed in sunlight.
It turns out the idea of direct sunlight killing the head vampire isn’t quite as true as everyone has been led to believe. It definitely inflicts pain, but he and the rest of the vampires were still able to make their escape. That includes Eichorst, who took a couple nails to the face care of Fet.
Of course, now they have to find a new way to kill the Master. If sunlight won’t do the trick and he can so easily take out someone with a silver sword (especially someone as skilled with it as Setrakian), it makes you wonder what’s needed to defeat him.Someone should also work on making him look a bit scarier too. He’s a menacing figure in those robes, but whenever you see his face you can’t help but think muppet.
The ninja vampire soldiers also finally revealed their grand plan. They’re working for the ancients (really old vampires like the Master) and need what’s happening in the world to be stopped. They want Gus to be their human soldier, since things like walking around in the sun aren’t a hindrance to him. Gus may not be with the main group, but he’s got a purpose. It’s also about time. He’s had to face enough death and destruction, it time for him to fight back.
Finally, Eph has to come face-to-face with vampire Kelly, which was sad. While the family drama aspect of the show was one of the weak points early in the season, this was a heart-breaking moment.
Still, he somehow fumbles shooting her, letting his ex-wife walk away. That means vampire Kelly is still in play and will hopefully have a big role in Season 2. She’s a scary one and vamped out Bolivar needs a girlfriend. They can be the Spike and Drusilla of a new generation.
What did you think of the Season 1 finale of “The Strain”?
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