the strain season 2 mia maestro fx 'The Strain's' Mia Maestro: Eph's inaction could divide the group in Season 2

When the Season 1 finale of “The Strain” ended, you might have been wondering why Eph let his wife, the recently turned Kelly, get away. It was a bad call by the head of the zombie killing club, since now the Master can track them through her connection to young Zack.
Luckily, that’s something that will be explored next season. Zap2it spoke to star Mia Maestro (Nora) in connection with the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release of Season 1, and she has some serious feelings about Eph’s actions, or lack thereof.
After all, one episode earlier Nora had to decapitate her own mother to keep her from turning. Eph, on the other hand, couldn’t even properly aim his gun to save the group. “I think that’s going to divide the group definitely,” she says. 
What will be interesting is where the line will be drawn. Maestro explains, “I think the act of killing her mother … which is something quite mythological, killing your roots, your history … that act brings Nora closer to Setrakian. He had to do the same thing with his wife.”
“It brings Nora a lot closer to him and Eph now falls in a different category because he didn’t do what needed to be done with Kelly,” she continues. Still, Maestro understands the two situations were different. Eph had his own son with him, and the act of killing the boy’s mother would have been difficult.
While Nora may be able to muster up some compassion for Eph during this tough time he’s facing, she’s also got other priorities. “I’m looking forward to playing a more hardened Nora … a person who’s not afraid to die,” Maestro says. “For her not to have any second thoughts about fighting, just cold with nothing to lose.” In short, the actress teases, “She’s becoming more of a warrior.” That’s definitely a ride you’ll want to take.
“The Strain” Season 1 lands on DVD and Blu-ray on Dec. 2.
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