Katewalsh3_privatepractice_abc_240 So I need to know — is anyone as stressed out as I am this season?

I’m simply not dancing as fast as my TiVo can. I can’t keep up. My "Now Playing List" haunts me while I sleep. ("Amy I’m the episode of Gossip Girl you still haven’t watched.") There have already been causalities this season. I know I said I was going to break up with ER but I intended to at least watch the season premiere before I cut all ties with County General. But now here it is almost Thursday and I still haven’t watched the first two episodes of the season. AAACK!

What’s causing the backlog this season (besides jury duty and my trip to Chicago), let’s take a look:

1. Cable Shows: Can we make some sort of law like "thou shall not premiere nor air cable series during network fall TV launch." Damages and Mad Men were my two favorite shows of the summer. They’re fantastic, compelling, well-acted and well-written — everything that’s right about TV. But honestly I think I’ll be relieved when they wrap up their freshman seasons. And I know FX is trying to have year round programming but couldn’t they have waited to bring back It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I don’t know what I’m going to do when Nip/Tuck returns on October 30. You may find me rocking in a corner clutching my remote.

2. Everything airing at the same time: Bad networks. Very bad networks. Really kids can’t we play nice? I feel like I should just waive a white flag on Thursday night and surrender. I would like to keep up with Gossip Girl, Bionic Woman and Private Practice but they all air at the exact same time. (By the way, I think I may soon move Private Practice into my so bad its good category. It was the first show I watched when I returned for Chicago. What does that mean? I don’t know, but it kind of scares me.)

3. Everything premiering all at once: In the age of digital recorders, downloads, on-demand, nobody really watches shows when they air any more (except, of course, my parents who reside in the House That Technology Forgot). Doesn’t fall premiere week seem like a throwback to another time? Maybe we could premiere new shows throughout the months of September and October. Wouldn’t that be fun?

So are you having trouble keeping up with TV? What shows are you not watching because of the gluttony of new shows available? Talk about it by posting a comment below.

Highlights for October 10 and 11, 2007

Pushingdaisies_240 Well you all were VERY divided about Pushing Daisies (Wednesday, ABC, 8 p.m.). Many of you adored it. Many of you did not. But everyone had an extremely strong opinion. I’ll be watching this week to see if my take on the show changes or if I continue to not be able to pick up what the show is putting down.

So, as I just confessed, I think I may soon need to form a support group for Private Practice (Wednesday, ABC, 9 p.m.). Those of you who participated in The Class support group last season will be automatically grandfathered in. Plus we want to support Tim Daly who is stuck with dialogue like "You need me to kiss you again?" Maybe he can be the first guest speaker for the support group and we can all chat about The Nine and Eyes.

I have to tell you I haven’t loved Life (Wednesday, NBC, 10 p.m.) but you all have — so do tell, what am I missing? Why should I be watching?

I’m kind of worried about My Name is Earl. I’m glad Earl is taking time off his prison sentence by helping out his fellow inmates, but I kind of want the show to return to its original premise of Earl and his list. How about you?

Katie Cassidy begins her role of Ruby on Supernatural (Thursday, CW, 9 p.m.). I’m curious. Do you all want the show to pick up extra cast members? There are very few show that can thrive with only two main characters (The X-Files comes to mind) and Supernatural was definitely one of them. After you’ve watched this week’s show, let me know what you think of Ruby.

Okay that’s all for today. Thanks to all of you who wrote me wondering how my sister did in the Chicago Marathon. I’m so proud to let you know that she completed the marathon — a little slower than she was planning on due to the heat — but in great shape. She was even able to go out for a big celebratory dinner Sunday night. I couldn’t believe it.

I’ll be back on Friday with a review of Women’s Murder Club and Life is Wild, to discuss how we’re feeling about the Landry story line on Friday Night Lights and quotes of the week. Have a question? See a familiar face or want to nominate a quote of the week? Write me at amytvgal@zap2it.com.

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