The Sundance Film Festival wasn’t the only place where Heath Ledger’s death created a clash over ethics between the media and celebrity and/or film publicists.

A KABC crew and Kelly Bush, who is CEO of ID PR, the company who was Ledger’s rep for many years, was still shaky and teary-eyed, had a showdown at the Tuesday night L.A. premiere of Diane Lane‘s new movie, "Untraceable." As reported by my journalist husband, Joel Stratte-McClure.

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Is it OK for the media to ask everyone they see on a red carpet — even stars who didn’t know the actor — for their reaction to Ledger’s death? And should the media break the news about an actor’s death to unwitting celebrities or wait until it is officially out before ambushing stars for sound bites?

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Photo Credits: A stunned and horrified Charlize Theron, seen here in 2004 with David Bowie, Heath and his then-girlfriend Naomi Watts,  was first told of Ledger’s death by a TV reporter at the Tuesday afternoon premiere of her indie film, "Sleepwalking."

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead