julie chen tca 320 'The Talk': Chenbot, yes. Menstrual cycles and scientology, no.CBS’ “The Talk” is “The View,” but manned by an all-mom co-hosting panel.

At Wednesday’s (July 28) press tour session, Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, Leah Remini, Sara Gilbert, Holly Robinson Peete and Marisa Jaret Winokur discuss what to expect for the new daytime talk show.

The idea of the show came about when Gilbert “was feeling really overwhelmed” and started attending a mom group. Topics on “The Talk” will naturally revolve around their kids and spouses, including Gilbert’s partner Allison Adler, but pop culture and what’s in the news will be fair game as well. 

Highlights from the session:

  • “I can’t be one of the daily co-hosts, because that would be a little too much, even for the Chenbot,” Chen says, adding in a robot voice, “I am not programmed to do that.” But Chenbot has apparently added the humor upgrade.
  • A video clip of Remini showing how her husband’s underwear is thrown on the floor … only a foot away from the open clothes hamper.
  • Gilbert on her lesbianism: “When topics come up that’s appropriate, I’ll talk about it.”
  • Chen compares “The Talk” to “Barbershop.”Our minds go kablooey.
  • Robinson Peete says that she can’t talk about her daughter’s menstrual cycle on the show, but seems to have no problem telling the TV critics about it. “You are so going to get it,” Chen warns Robinson Peete.
  • Sharon Osbourne says that Ozzy Osbourne is perfect. “He doesn’t even know I’m doing this show and am here today. He thinks I’m at ‘America’s Got Talent.’ He gives me all the freedom in the world. He’s the perfect partner for me.”
  • “Sex” is what Remini’s husband requests for everything: birthdays, holidays, good behavior, doing chores. She’s annoyed.
  • No, Remini won’t be discussing Scientology on the show. She’s here to just entertain/
  • Unlike “The View,” this show appears to have one calm co-host: Gilbert. Not only is she rather soft-spoken, but she has a chill vibe and is loyal to her co-hosts. “I think it’s dangerous to look at people through one lens. Leah is brilliant, funny, real, dynamic and fun person,” says Gilbert to follow up on the Scientology question.
  • Remini on Bristol Palin’s push for abstinence among teens: “It’s a little late. I don’t get it.”

the talk tca 500 'The Talk': Chenbot, yes. Menstrual cycles and scientology, no.
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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen