jess smith teletubbie baby The 'Teletubbies' sun baby reveals herself after 18 years

Many imposters have tried to claim that they are the giggling sun from the “Teletubbies,” but the real child overlooking Tinky Winky and his friends has finally revealed her real identity. 
According to British newspaper The Telegraph, Jess Smith first revealed her famous childhood role during her first week at Canterbury Christ Church University. Smith was asked to participate in a welcoming ice breaking activity in which students were asked to share something about themselves that no one would ever guess. Finally opening up about her experience inspired Smith to also admit the truth on Facebook, and the Internet jumped all over it. 
According to the Telegraph article Smith was discovered at nine months old when her mother took her for a checkup. During filming the producers sat her in a high chair so she looked like she was looking down on Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Poh. Her father teased her with a teddy bear behind the camera to get the adorable baby to giggle. 
“Teletubbies” went on to become an international success, spawning toy and merchandise lines. The four alien creatures were household names whether a toddler lived with you or not. However, since no one could have predicted the success of the show Smith was only £250 and a box of toys for her work, despite appearing in all 365 episodes. 
At the very least, Smith has learned to own her awesome childhood secret — and she looks great as a grown up. If you want to see her as the baby sun though check out the “Teletubbies” Christmas tree episode below 
Posted by:Megan Vick