'The Thanksgiving House': What did you think of Hallmark's holiday flick?

The Hallmark Channel’s countdown to Christmas is fully under way with the premiere of its new holiday movie, “The Thanksgiving House.” Starring “Haven” star Emily Rose, the movie tells the story of a house that might actually be the site where the first Thanksgiving was held.

The movie hits the notes of all traditional Hallmark movies: a troubled love story, daddy issues and a great heart. Rose’s character Mary Ross is a lawyer who inherits the Plymouth home from her late aunt and initially wants to sell, but warms to the location and its connection to Thanksgiving as time passes. 

Her greedy boyfriend Rick (Adam Kaufman) tries to convince her to sell the home, but it’s local historian Everett Mather (Justin Bruening) who helps her realize why the home — and Thanksgiving — are so important.

Mary also has a conflict with her father, which she ends up deciding to overcome for the spirit of Thanksgiving. Add that to the fact that she becomes closer with Everett and his mother Abigail (Lindsay Wagner), and this truly is a movie about family. What did you think about Hallmark’s new Thanksgiving movie?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz