While it may seem like “Glee’s” Jane Lynch‘s would be unfased by the idea of making another movie, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the actress says at the red carpet premiere of her new film, “The Three Stooges,” her finest career moment is now.
“This right here, being part of an ensemble with great people,” Lynch tells Zap2it at the movie’s Hollywood debut Saturday (April 7). “I think I have achieved a level of mastery being able to be in their company. I love it.”
Lynch plays Mother Superior in the Farrelly Brothers’ take of the classic comic trio, opening in theaters nationwide April 13. A transplanting of Larry, Moe and Curly into present tense, Lynch describes the comedy as a “meticulous crafting” of stage combat, perhaps with a few oversights along the way. 
“They beat the hell out of each other, but really don’t inflict any pain,” observes the actress. “Although, I will say that they were tough guys and every once in awhile somebody got a poke in the eye. But yeah, it’s an art form, a heightened form of physical violence, and they did it. And they were great.”
As far as the unavoidable comparisons to its original, Lynch doesn’t like to judge. But if she must, she will, and accordingly, she applauds the modern rendering of the original idea.
Explains the star, “They did such a great job capturing the spirit. Our writer…the wardrobe, the way it’s shot. It looks like it’s taking place in the ’30s, although it’s modern day, top to bottom. They did a terrific job in replicating the spirit of it, and making it relevant for today. But you can [still] go back and watch those ‘Three Stooges’ serials and laugh your a** off.”
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