Remember all those Twitterers who didn’t know who Paul McCartney was when he performed at the Grammy Awards back in February? Well, we’re guessing there’s a lot of overlap between that crowd and the several people who’ve recently posted tweets marking their astonishment to learn that the Titanic was a real ship that actually sank, killing hundreds of people.

That’s right, the hype surrounding the release of “Titanic 3D,” a new Titanic mini-series and several new documentary specials about the disaster has apparently sparked a historical awakening for several tweeters. Luckily, a large sampling of the tweets have been collected and posted on tumblr by a genius who describes himself only as @stefan. The full list is appended below.

titanic paramount The Titanic really sank, discover shocked Twitterers

In the hopes of clearing up any more misinformation, we’d like to add these crucial facts to the Titanic knowledge base: (***SPOILER ALERT***)

— James Cameron had nothing to do with the actual sinking of the ship. He can do a lot with CGI, but sending an iceberg back in time to 1912 is not one of them.

— Leonardo DiCaprio is alive and not, as some believe, resting in an icy watery grave at the bottom of the Atlantic.  

— Celine Dion did not bravely sing on the deck of the Titanic as it sank.

— Sex in a steamy Model T just hours before one’s unexpected death is, in fact, a good-ish way to go.

titanic tweets stefan The Titanic really sank, discover shocked Twitterers

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson