tom hanks gi The Tom Hanks DIY film festival kitMaybe it’s the holiday weekend, but we’re feeling a little Hanks nostalgia.  We haven’t seen “Larry Crowne” yet, but something about the ads puts us in the mind of Tom Hanks of yesteryear — the affable, effortless actor who got his start in drag on TV’s “Bosom Buddies” and is now the very definition of Hollywood A list.

It isn’t that we’re discouraging anyone from seeing “Larry Crowne” (despite those reviews — ouch), but for those of you unable or unwilling to make it out to the movies this weekend we’ve compiled a list of six different Tom Hanks DIY Film Festivals. Any one will make for great Independence Day weekend viewing — or, hey, go all out and do one festival for each day of the holiday weekend. What’s more American than Tom Hanks and apple pie? (Okay, maybe Ron Howard and apple pie, but we’re talking Hanks here).

And don’t worry, there’s not a “DaVinci Code” in sight though we may have cheated with a couple made-for-TV roles.

For the Kids
“Toy Story” — Choose just one or all three of the animated Disney-Pixar blockbusters.
“Splash” — Okay, so technically it’s a love story, but it is way corny and funny and there’s no actual nudity involved.

“Big” — Hanks, in one of his breakthrough roles, plays a kid trapped in the body of Tom Hanks. No nudity, but some sexy-time brassiere moments from co-star Elizabeth Perkins. You can fast foward through that part.

The Romantics
“Sleepless in Seattle” — Once upon a time, an actor hadn’t arrived until he’d done the romantic comedy thing with Meg Ryan. This was Tom’s arrival.

“You’ve Got Mail” — Movie studio brains had a big idea — re-team Hanks and Ryan and throw in some of that Internet bubble voodoo.

Oscars Winners
“Philadelphia” — Get out the tissue for Hanks’ amazing protrayal of a man losing his battle with AIDS.

“Forrest Gump” — We like to think that no matter what else Hanks does, this is the movie he’ll be best remembered for. From “Life is like a box of chocolates” to “Sorry I ruined your Black Panther party,” Hanks is pitch perfect as a simple guy with a complex inner life.

Out of Character
“A League of Their Own” — Hanks as a paunchy, sometimes sober coach of a women’s baseball team comprised of Madonna, Rosie O’Donnell, Geena Davis and Lori Petty. No, we are not making this up.

“That Thing You Do” — Tom also wrote and directed this movie in which he plays a somewhat a slimy manager of one-hit wonder band The Oneders.

“Saving Private Ryan” — Flag-waving, 1940s style.
“Apollo 13” — Flag-waving, 1960s style.

“Charlie Wilson’s War” — Flag-waving, 1980s style (which, of course, included a little illegal activity).

Early Hanks
“Mazes and Monsters” — Hey, it’s a made-for-TV movie loosely based on the early ’80s menace to children that was known as Dungeons & Dragons.
“Family Ties” — We were in junior high and only slightly scared of Hanks as drunk Uncle Ned.

Dessert: The “Jimmy Kimmel Live Toddlers and Tiaras” spoof…

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson