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So far on “The Tomorrow People,” audiences have not yet learned much about Russell. All of that changes in this week’s “Sorry for Your Loss.” Get a preview of the episode and more on Russell from this interview with actor Aaron Yoo.

Are we going to get more backstory on Russell in “Sorry for Your Loss”?

Aaron Yoo: For all the people that I so appreciate that over Twitter or online or wherever, have been saying they want to know more about Russell, they’re going to get their wish. But it’s really not so much of the funny side of Russell in this episode. I think there was a choice made — because we did shoot some funny stuff and there’s still some stuff in there — but in the final version we focus really a lot on the pain and the tragic side of his story. So you’re going to see a lot of that this week. It’s going to be a real laugher!

What else is coming in the episode?

Aaron Yoo: Russell and John maybe get into the best fight that we’ve had this season. Certainly the one that our crew kept walking up to us and saying, ‘That was my favorite.’ Because it’s me and Luke [Mitchell] — if we just get Robbie and Peyton and Mark out of the equation, this show would be amazing! [laughs]

John and Russell go off on a sort of buddy road trip. And the people that are left at home wind up having kind of a — what would you call it? — there’s quite a bit of rom-com going on, there’s a romantic story. And there’s another sad family story going on on the other side of this episode. There’s two parallel family stories as the hour unfolds. The two things kind of comment on each other. The writers wrote it so they’re real mirror images of each other. It’s a fun episode to watch.

And then there’s an interesting reveal at the end that I won’t say anything about. You’ll be like, ‘What?!”

How would you define Russell as a character?

Aaron Yoo: That’s actually changed for me as the show’s kind of gone along. From the beginning, from my first meeting with Greg Berlanti, he said, ‘I want this character to do more than just be the funny guy. He needs to be more than just the funny guy.’ So when I was auditioning, they very much wanted to see … Because there wasn’t much room in the pilot to see that, they actually wrote scenes that were taking out of the narrative, where Russell explores other emotions. They were like, ‘We want to know that you want to do this, that you can do this.’

The role has very much become, in a weird way, everybody’s little brother. He almost is the most family-desperate of all of them. Because he ran away from his own family, because he chose to leave, and because he had such a harrowing experience with his own father — when the Tomorrow People find him and he enters this life, he kind of attaches himself in a very annoying way to John and Cara. And then to Stephen when he joins them.

So as the episodes go along and starting in this episode, you really start to see how family and the group of the Tomorrow People and all of the ‘together’ is so important to Russell. And then later on, you’re going to see that really be put to the test. Not in this episode, but a few episodes down in what we’re filming now.

I feel like everyone relates to him. Stephen does and John does and Cara does. Much as he’s … You roll your eyes and he gets into trouble. He’s kind of like, everybody tries to take care of Russell. So you’ll see that play out.

“The Tomorrow People” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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