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The character of Cara on “The Tomorrow People” has become more and more important throughout the show’s first season. Zap2it talked to the actress behind Cara, Peyton List, about what is coming up for the new leader and central figure in the love triangle.

Zap2it: What’s coming up for Cara in the next few episodes?
List: We are now going into sort of a different path for Cara, because she has been leader now for a matter of weeks really, and she’s still settling into that role. We’ve already seen the trials and the obstacles that she deals with at the beginning of being the team leader. She’s going to continue to run into issues where she’s going to have to make decisions but she’s not fully prepared to make decisions. But because she’s in this role, she sort of has to. We’ve seen John, for the most part, be very supportive of her stepping into this role, but those dynamics may change. We don’t know exactly where everybody’s settling with the changes in the roles.

What will Cara’s leadership mean in the group’s confrontations with ULTRA?
We just feel like something is afoot at ULTRA, and we don’t know what it is. And that’s a scary thing for the Tomorrow People, because we have Cara trying to be the new leader — and she doesn’t have anywhere near the kind of experience that John does at making these calls — and also she doesn’t really have total control and know all the information. So we’re going to see her navigate that going forward.

Comparing Cara to the group’s former leader, John, what are the differences between the two?
She’s definitely very strong-minded and opinionated, and I think those are good qualities to have as a leader. She doesn’t always make the right call, but she always makes a call. I think that makes her a good leader, whereas John would think for too long and have everybody talk it out — sometimes he wouldn’t make a decision — whereas Cara will make one. Maybe not with having completely thought it through. But you’re also seeing a different side to her, you’re seeing her second-guess herself, which is new. When she wasn’t the leader, she could have her opinions and make decisions and ultimately it wouldn’t be on her. It would be on John, because he was the leader. Whereas now she’s a bit more concerned and worried about making a bad choice, because she’s in charge of everybody.

Will we be seeing more of Cara’s past soon?
There is more to tell. We go back again, and I absolutely love it. We’re flashing back sometimes 14 years, sometimes six years — we’re filling in all these times that also put the characters on a different trajectory. We learn more about John’s past and Cara’s past in the upcoming episodes.

Do Stephen’s growing concerns about his brother bring up any issues for Cara with regard to her sister?
We’ve touched on it. We know that that is something that haunts Cara. We know that she is a big sister and that she — whether by choice or was forced to do it — left the home and couldn’t be there and couldn’t be in that role. I think that that’s something Cara has come to live with.

We don’t touch on the sibling thing a ton on this show, but we’ve got Stephen, who’s living at home, and that comes up again and again for some of the Tomorrow People, because they’ve sacrificed everything, they’ve sacrificed their families. Their families might think they’re dead. It’s a hard thing to live with

With Cara, I don’t think she holds it against Stephen by any means, but it’s a hard thing for her. That’s still something she carries with her, that she lost her sister. We may see that play out as we go along.

What is coming up in the Cara-John-Stephen love triangle?
With our show, what I love about is we’ve got these relationships and feeling and storylines being played out with these characters. But that sort of takes a backseat at times, because the stakes are so high in just surviving in their world, where they can’t really pursue something or they deal with things in a different manner, because it’s just not as important as surviving in the moment when they’re coming to kill you. It definitely alters certain relationships.

With Cara in the center of the love triangle, of course she wants to keep the peace, because it’s more important. She might look back and regret what she did, and be like ‘Well, I did it. Moving forward.’ She still has to deal with that — no one forgot it. It creates tension for sure. And that will never really go away.

How is the arrival of Astrid in the Tomorrow People lair going to affect Cara?
It definitely changes the dynamic. We’ve brought her down there. She’s seen us, so she’s already somewhat on the inside because of Stephen telling her about his powers. But now she’s fully immersed in the world. She’s down there and ULTRA is after her. It’s really interesting for the Cara and Astrid dynamic, because Cara doesn’t get humans. She certainly doesn’t feel the same way toward them as she does toward the Tomorrow People.

When she’s forced to be down there with Astrid … We have to accept that Astrid is Stephen’s best friend, so automatically she wants to be nice to Astrid. It’s an interesting dynamic between the two. Cara would have more of an affinity for a new break-out coming into their lair and making sure they’re all right. With a human, she doesn’t know really what to do. She’s like, ‘Maybe you’re a houseguest? I don’t know.’

But it has been wonderful for me, because I get to work with Madeleine, because off-camera, we’re quite good friends. Having the storyline go in that direction is really fun because we actually get to work together.

“The Tomorrow People” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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