One of the main characters in The CW’s new fall show, “The Tomorrow People,” is a teenager named Stephen Jamison (Robbie Amell). The show begins at around the same time that strange things begin to happen to Stephen. Only with the reveal that Stephen is one of the Tomorrow People himself do things begin to make sense.

The CW’s new trailer for the show gives a glimpse into some of the oddest occurrences Stephen must face in the first episode alone. They are:

  • Creepy men (led by Mark Pellegrino of “Lost” and “Supernatural” fame) corner Stephen in an alley with their sinister black SUVs.
  • The Mark Pellegrino character just hands Stephen a gun in order to prove that the boy is superior.
  • By concentrating, Stephen makes himself disappear (and throws a chair against the wall in the process).
  • There are giant syringes. Giant syringes are never good.
  • People get into epic and funky fights.
  • A flaming bullet, hurtling toward Stephen and his friends, freezes as if time has stood still.

Considering the plot of “The Tomorrow People” revolves around young people who have evolved strange powers and around the government officials who want to hunt them down, this may be only the beginning of the strange things that will happen to Stephen when the show debuts this fall.

Posted by:Laurel Brown