the tomorrow people limbo recap robbie amell stephen cw 'The Tomorrow People': Stephen loses his powers, catches a rapist and hears 'Thanatos'

“The Tomorrow People” makes things difficult for Stephen in “Limbo.” Not only does everyone get mad at the kid, but Cara dumps him and Jedikiah takes away Stephen’s powers for awhile.

Can Stephen still save the day? Yep. Find out how in the recap.

Will you still love me tomorrow?

It’s the morning-after for Stephen and Cara. They seem to have left the sewers behind in favor of a rather nice hotel room that’s about to be occupied by a middle-aged couple from Arizona. But before those folks check in, Cara has to check-out of any potential relationship with Stephen.

She is thinking this was a mistake. Stephen is thinking, “Woohoo! Telesex is awesome!!!”

Unfortunately for both, John and Russell are back in town, and John has even brought his girl a stuffed beaver as a make-up present. Things certainly aren’t perfect between these two, but Cara still loves that murderous liar! Whatever feelings she may have for Stephen, Cara chooses John.

The opposite of love

Meanwhile, out on the streets, there’s a breakout who is causing serious trouble. This isn’t the “Hey! I can rob a museum!” kind of trouble either. We’re talking about sexual assault and rape.

Big, big difference.

Technically, this isn’t even a real breakout but rather an older man whose serial rapes have put him on the radars of both ULTRA and the Tomorrow People. Everyone agrees he has to be stop. The question is about how.

Stephen Jamison’s day off

Stephen, however, isn’t up for a manhunt. Not only has Cara shot him down big-time, but his work partners keep ending up dead. That’s rough on a teenage boy!

At least Jedikiah is willing to give his nephew a couple of days off from life-and-death experiences in order to experience high-school life. And Stephen has super powers now, so even high school can be fun, right?

Teleporting Astrid around town leads to a kegger leads to hooking up with a hot chick. Fun stuff!

Well … It’s fun fun fun ’til his uncle takes the powers away.

A little playing on the basketball court and at a party is all Stephen gets before Jedikiah slaps a power-dampening bracelet on the kid’s wrist.

Everyone gets mad at Stephen

Unlike everyone else, Astrid isn’t having a great time at the party. She’s uncomfortable with the cool kids and more than a little jealous of Stephen’s hook-up. Oh, and Stephen just happens to read her mind at the exact moment when Astrid thinks about how she’s in love with her best friend.


Things aren’t any better down in the sewers. Cara suffers a fit of guilty honesty and tells John about sleeping with Stephen. This makes John very passive-aggressive with everyone. If he weren’t so hot, this would be really annoying.

Mom’s not too happy about the party either.

John “saves” the game

Without his magical basketball powers, Stephen is a bit of a mess on the basketball court. John’s presence in the stands doesn’t help too much — he helps the team to win, but it’s all at the expense of Stephen’s dignity.

That’s because John isn’t there to be helpful. He’s there to confront Stephen on the Cara situation. Because these are two boys and Cara is a girl, the situation rapidly devolves into a fistfight. Only the girl’s arrival stops the boys from pummeling each other.

Stephen makes a poor choice for a good reason

The boy may not have his powers and he may be bruised from John’s fists, but that’s no reason to not confront a dangerous, super-powered rapist. Noble? Yes. Intelligent? Not so much.

Stephen does find the criminal Tomorrow Person, but he’s hardly a match without any cool abilities. The bad guy takes out Stephen quickly and throws the boy into sewer water to drown. This would be it for Stephen except for two things: 1) Stephen is good at having extra powers in dire situations and 2) that special connection to Cara brings in the cavalry.

She arrives with John and then Russell, and everyone beats the rapist until he’s down on the ground. It takes a little longer to save Stephen.


Drowning turns out to be a weird experience for Stephen. He finds himself in a special-effects hallway of darkness with a shadowy figure at the other end. Who is it? That would be Stephen’s long-lost father, trying really hard to tell the kid to leave.

Is this death? Some other place? No clue. It’s also a bit of a mystery as to why Dad ends this weird reunion with a word that sounds like “Thanatos.” Huh?

Whatever the case, Stephen has his mission: He’s going to save everyone and get the girl. Go Stephen!

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