williamshatner tonightshow video 290 'The Tonight Show': Levi Johnston's real tweets, read by William Shatner“The Tonight Show” stirred up a bit — and we do mean just a bit — of controversy Wednesday night by having William Shatner do a dramatic reading of Twitter updates purportedly written by Palin family scourge and soon-to-be Playgirl model Levi Johnston.

Except they weren’t really Johnston’s authentic tweets. They were those of an impostor using Johnston’s name, and his lawyer demanded an apology. He got one, in a manner of speaking, on Thursday’s show. But it’s hard to pick a fight with a guy who has his own TV show.

“I’d like to personally apologize to Levi Johnston, and his lawyer and publicist, for misrepresenting him in any way,” Conan O’Brien said on Thusday’s broadcast. “Levi is clearly a great American, and we wish him the best of luck as he trains for his upcoming naked photo shoot.”

And then Shatner returned to give a reading — accompanied by bass and bongos — of some of Johnston’s actual quotes. Take a look:

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Posted by:Rick Porter