daniel dae kim lost s6 320 2 The Top 25 Characters of 'Lost'Let the debate begin, “Lost” fans! Thanks to your input, I’ve compiled the 25 greatest characters in the show’s history. Now, lists like this are naturally subjective, so there’s no way to make everyone happy. But hopefully I’ve minimized the number of people that will storm my house wielding pitchforks and Hot Pockets.

Now, before getting to the list proper, a few honorable mentions:

Matthew Abaddon: Fascinating when introduced, but never fully paid off narratively. He might re-enter the picture should he make an appearance or three in Season 6, but for now, his untimely death in “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” still leaves a bad taste in this blogger’s mouth.

Charlotte Staples Lewis: A victim as much of the writers’ strike as the time flashes, her entire backstory was confined into a dying monologue. None of the Freighter Four got the storytelling shaft as much as she did due to the reshuffling of the show due to a compressed Season 4.

Alex Rousseau: While she’s part of one of the show’s most shocking moments, she worked better as Danielle’s unseen child than an on-screen character.

Boone Carlyle: God’s friggin’ gift to humanity demonstrated the stakes of the show through his death in Season 1, and was a highlight haunting Locke in “Further Instructions.” But his single-season presence pushed him ever so slightly off the Top 25 in favor of characters with a more substantial impact on the overall, working better as a catalyst for other characters than as an important player in and of himself.

OK, with that all said, behold the 25 greatest characters in “Lost” history. Next week, we’ll have the top 25 all-time quotes for you. There’s still time to vote for that, as well as the 25 greatest moments in show history, so make sure you have your voices heard there.

In the meantime, what do you think of the list? Leave your thoughts below!

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