josh holloway lost s6 320 3 The Top 25 'Lost' CharactersWe’re here at the end of our week-long journey here on the “Lost” blog, ranking various aspects of the show into Top 25 lists as a way to honor the show’s six-year run. So far, we’ve covered Top 25 Moments and Top 25 Quotes, and today, we finally arrived at Top 25 Characters. Since the show ultimate favored character over everything else, it’s only fitting that we end our Top 25 journey with the people that made the show so memorable.

As always, a few tidbits before getting to the full list…

1) Longevity matters. It’s not the key factor in determining overall rank, but characters that started the show as well as ended up had a better chance of ending up higher on the list. Also: how the character ended means more than how they started.

2) Being interesting is nice; being useful is better. Characters such as Martin Keamy and Mikhail Bakunin are fun, but presented obstacles on a micro as opposed to macro level. Miles managed to be BOTH this season, so he jumped up the list. The biggest exception: Mr. Eko, who remains an all-time great character despite limited time and untapped possibility.

3) The Man in Black posed a unique problem. I had a hard time separating The Man in Black as a character from Terry O’Quinn’s awesome performance while trying to ascertain his overall role (and, for that matter, Locke’s ultimate role as well). Ultimately, I looked at the first two notes here and decided that even though we didn’t know it at the time, The Man in Black was around a lot longer than we thought, and was the driving (albeit unseen) force for quite a while before assuming Locke’s visage.

4) The show’s overall message mattered. Whether or not you liked the explanation of the sideways world, to ignore it entirely when reconfiguring my ultimate Top 25 would be the incorrect approach. So, welcome to the list, Bernard! So long, Anthony Cooper!

OK, before I give away the entire list, go check out the Top 25 “Lost” Characters. Did your favorite make the list? Share yours in the comments below!

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Posted by:Ryan McGee