yunjin kim lost s6 320 2 The Top 25 'Lost' MomentsThanks to your input last week, I’ve been putting the final touches on a few “Lost” galleries created in anticipation of Season 5. In some ways, this is more for posterity than anything else, but given how things linger in the long gaze of Google, I didn’t want to have a host of Top 25 lists about “Lost” bearing my name being out of date. So, as one of the final things I will do around here as the resident “Lost” blogger, I’ve gone back and reconfigured these lists to incorporate Season 6.

Up first? The Top 25 Moments in “Lost” History. A few thoughts before providing the link:

1) Many of you, predictably, were up in arms by my omission of “Through the Looking Glass” off last week’s Top 10 Episode list. I did not leave it off, as on reader suggested, just to drive up the number of comments on that entry. I left it off because there are at least 10 episodes I would watch before popping in “Glass,” which is the most IMPORTANT episode in the show’s history but isn’t one of the ten best. Once you know the twist, it merely turns into an extremely awesome episode. It’s just on the outside of my Top 10 looking in. But “Glass” fans should be happier with this list, overall.

2) A few moments from the old list fell off, due to being ultimately unimportant to the overall story. The best example? “The Drawing of the Three” scene in which Richard asks a young Locke to select items he already owns. It’s an amazing scene…but ultimately didn’t lead anywhere substantial onscreen. So, it’s out.

3) I used to have “The Raft Leaving” really low on the list, and I made sure to fix that problem this time around. Not sure what happened last time. I’m sure booze was involved somehow.

4) *Insert Generic Yet Continually Necessary Caveat Warning People Who Hated Season 6 That They Will Probably Hate Portions Of This List*

With all that in mind, enjoy The Top 25 Moments in “Lost” History! Be sure to share some of your own personal favorites in the comments below.

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Posted by:Ryan McGee