michael emerson lost s6 320 2 The Top 25 'Lost' Quotes EverAs a person who deems himself eminently quotable, I enjoyed putting together a gallery of The Top 25 “Lost” Quotes. OK, maybe I’m not as quotable as luminaries such as Ben Linus, James Ford, and Hugo Reyes, but can they make as many unintentional typos as me? HA! I THOUGHT NOT!

A few quickies about the gallery before getting to the link:

I thought that trying to rank them from 25 – 1 seemed a bit silly. Of all the Top 25 galleries we’ve putting together in anticipation of Season 6, this seemed the most subjective. In addition, while there are a host of characters on the show, that number dwarfs in comparison to the sheer amount of dialogue produced on the show.

As such, the gallery is arranged chronologically according to episode. I’ve got quotes ranging from the “Pilot” episode through “The Incident.” In addition, each page in the gallery links back to my full review of the episode in question in the “We Have to Go Back” gallery. We’re full service around here.

I tried to balance lines that I thought were cool/funny/interesting/heartbreaking with those that are iconic. Some of the show’s most famous lines are pretty prosaic, but take on added weight given their placement in the show’s history. I also took into account your personal preferences in trying to balance what I thought were the best compared with what caught your personal fancy.

Finally: no Sawyer nicknames appear in the list. Sorry, y’all. To me, you could have a Top 25 Sawyer Nicknames list, and have fun with that, but rather than try to choose a favorite nickname and ignore the rest, I just bracketed those off entirely. Don’t worry: Sawyer appears several times on the list. I think he’s shirtless in at least one pic. So, you’re welcome.

With all that said, here’s the full gallery of The Top 25 “Lost” Quotes. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll bloop! Enjoy.

Quick programming note: Zap2it’s Rick Porter will be live-blogging the “Lost” panel at the Television Critics Association press tour tomorrow. Make sure to have this link saved to get up-to-the-minute info from the panel. I’m linking him not only because it’s proper thing to do, but also because Rick himself will be co-appearing with me tomorrow on this very blog, as we debut a new series. What series, you’ll ask? Sorry, not spilling. You’ll just have to come back and find out. It’s a fun one, though, I promise.

Which quote are you happiest to see in the gallery? Which quote is missing? Leave your thoughts below!
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