torchwood miracle day ianto The 'Torchwood' team remembers Ianto at Comic Con: 'It wasn't our fault!'A lot of “Torchwood” fans — we’re looking at you, Zap2it readers — are still lamenting the demise of Ianto Jones (Gareth David-Lloyd).

His death in “Children of Earth” marked a premature end for his romance with Captain Jack (John Barrowman) and a major fan gripe going into “Miracle Day.” So when the cast convened for its Comic-Con panel on Friday (July 22) morning, they explained that fans are supposed to be upset.

“It was exactly the reaction we hoped for and wanted,” Barrowman assures the crowd. “It means you’re committed.”

That said … they didn’t do it. “It wasn’t our decision,” says Barrowman, who gestured to equally innocent co-star Eve Myles. “It wasn’t our fault. But in order to move the drama on, we had to do something drastic … The one thing we are is a drama. In drama you have to do some things that will, unfortunately, upset and cause change.”

Jack, for one, seems to be over it. Episode 3 of “Miracle Day” includes a rendezvous with a new interest — and the exclusive Comic-Con trailer for the rest of the season showed off the flashback romance Barrowman recently told us about.
And while you’ll probably never see Ianto again, you can still count on the occasional shout-out. “We, as a show, love that you are all passionate about the characters,” Barrowman explains to fans. “He is still remembered and mentioned.”

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell