Lady Jane Seymour is made a lady-in-waiting to Anne Boleyn. Of course, Anne is jealous and suspicious. She talks to her father and brother, grilling them both on information on the Seymours. She and her brother even discuss the possibility that the Seymours might be secret supporters of Mary.

The king decides to get back to his jousting and asks Sir Henry join him. Before getting on his horse, the king asks Lady Jane if he can wear her favors and she offers it up. During the match, the king is knocked from his horse and many fear he will die. While Cromwell quickly goes through paperwork, preparing for the coronation of Princess Elizabeth in the event of the king’s death, Henry lays on a table while his court and Queen Anne pray for him.

When he does awaken, the first thing he reaches for is Jane’s favors.

Later, when he is well enough, he calls her — literally — to his knee and tells her that she saved his life. When they are locked in the kiss that the king begs from her, Queen Anne walks in and witnesses it. She claims it stresses her; Henry tells her to stop. The stress does have an effect as she later has a miscarriage.

When he learns of it, the king angrily walks through the halls and throws open the door to the queen’s room. "You’ve lost my boy, I won’t speak of it; the loss is too great." He then tells her that he will speak to her when she is well. He will not listen to her when she refers to Lady Jane as a whore and tells him she miscarried because he broke her heart.

Henry then confesses to Cromwell, "It’s true what they have whispered. I shut my ears to them, but now know it to be true." He says he was seduced by witchcraft and that is why God will not permit him a male issue. "Now I believe with all my heart that I will take another wife."

With only two episodes left, we’ll have to see how Henry disposes of Anne and moves on to Jane, his third wife. Plus, now that George Boleyn’s homosexuality has been discovered by his wife, this must play into his fate within the court.

And over in Italy, will the pope persuade the king of France to use his armies, ships and guns and invade England to remove Henry and, "bring that country back to our common faith"?

Posted by:Christine Badowski