, the king admits his regret and now someone will have to take responsibility for it.

Henry is haunted by the execution of Sir Thomas More. He thinks of him, carrying the crucifix More last held before his death. Henry is not only haunted by dreams of Sir Thomas, he awakens and sees ghosts of him as well.

All of this is stirring in his head as Anne keeps poking at him about his affairs. She now wants more answers about where the king spends his time, especially because he refuses her bed. She’s well aware her days are probably numbered. That’s probably why she broaches the subject of her infant daughter being betrothed to King Francis’ son. Henry says he also had thought of it and goes about trying to arrange such a marriage and, ultimately, political alliance between countries.

Henry chooses Charles Brandon (over Anne’s father) to entertain the Admiral of France when he arrives in England. Henry then schmoozes the Admiral, hoping he can convince the king to accept such a proposition for an arranged marriage. The Admiral tells him the king would be more inclined to have the hand of Henry’s legitimate daughter, Mary.

That seems to be the straw that starts breaking things between Henry and Anne. She’s already on him about his mistresses; France and many others still see Elizabeth as a bastard and won’t recognize Anne as his wife. Henry has had it.

Now his feelings turn and during a walk in the garden, he admits to Charles Brandon his regretful thoughts about what happened to Sir Thomas More. But, he says, "it wasn’t all my fault. Whenever my resolve would weaken a certain person would urge me on to his destruction." He then makes it clear to Charles that he knows who she is. Indeed, it is Anne. She will be the scapegoat for this as she quickly begins to fall from the king’s graces.

Posted by:Christine Badowski