It’s a given that if you ask any number of actors what they like to watch on television, and they’ll tell you they don’t see much. Fair enough — the gig, if nothing else, tends to involve a lot of long workdays and time away from home.

So it was with Holly Hunter. The Oscar- and Emmy-winning actress admits she hadn’t seen a lot of recent TV before signing on to her first series role, TNT’s Saving Grace (it premieres Monday, July 23).

"I don’t," she said Sunday at press tour. "I hate to say that — I sound like a f***ing snob — but I don’t."

She’s starting to catch up, though. Hunter is also a producer on Saving Grace, and so she started watching DVDs of other shows to look at directors’ work and potential hires for the show.

"It was a revelation for me," she says. "I was like, ‘Wow, The Shield.’ You know? And then we cast Kenneth [Johnson], who was in The Shield. So it was really great.

"I mean, it was like a new world because it was so provocative and so personal. I mean, television suddenly felt very like a bunch of private lives instead of kind of homogenized lives, and that’s where I kind of left TV."

Welcome to our world, Ms. Hunter.

Posted by:Rick Porter