jeff fahey lost s6 320 The Twelve Days of 'Lost' masHey “Lost” fans: we’re here to interrupt this week’s “Six in Six” entries to bring you a little Yuletide cheer. It’s nearly impossible to avoid hearing holiday songs this time of year, and more than a few get lodged in my brain not unlike the contents of the Room 23 film. So I thought I’d purge at least one by setting it to some “Lost”-themed matters.

In that spirit, I present to you The Twelve Days of “Lost”-mas. Who needs lords a-leaping, anyways? That’s just asking for a kick to the face or holes in the drywall. Plus, they always drink your good beer. Stupid lords a-leaping. This “Lost”-centric version of the holiday classic won’t cause any structural damage to your house nor make a dent in your liquor stash: it will hopefully lift both your seasonal and “Lost” spirits on this Winter Solstice.

Did I leave anything out of the rewrite? List what I missed below!

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Posted by:Ryan McGee